N.I. Lobachevskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
About LIMM
Lobachevskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics (LIMM) of Kazan Federal University is the leader of the mathematical education in the Federal District and is among the leaders of mathematical education in Russian Federation.

In Kazan Federal University mathematical sciences has the ongoing tradition, which start from the day of foundation in 1804.

Today LIMM consists from nine departaments, dozens of scientific projects and about five hundred students.
Masters programs
Our advantages
Every day we change to be constantly the best
Supreme professional skills
90% of the faculty have the PhD
The continuity of generations
26% of the faculty are under 35
2 out of 3 of them have the PhD degree
We are open for dialoge
we are looking forward to hear your opinion
Our graduates
academician of Russian Academy of Science, D.Sc. in Mechanics
director of Khristanovich Institute of theoretical and applied mechanics of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academi of Science
D.Sc. in Computational Mathematics
member of the Russian Federation president scientific counsulate
the first deputy director of the Institute of the theoretical and mathematical physics of Russian Federal Nuclear Center
coreesponding member of Russian Academy of Science, D. Sc. in Mechanics
the co-founder and director of the institute of the Mechaics and Mechanical engeneering of Kazan Research Center of Russian Academy of Science
Prime-minister of Tatarstan republic
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